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7 Best Direct Mail Teasers of 2018


So, your customers are standing over their recycling bins, going through their mail for the day. How can you stop them from tossing your mail piece?

Use a great teaser!

The teaser is the headline on the outside of an envelope or self-mailer that gets the recipient’s attention. It disrupts the...

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Meet the Team that Won the Stevie!


Recently a group from won big in Las Vegas – we picked up a bronze Stevie Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year. It was our first entry and our first win, and we were thrilled.

Now I'd like to introduce you to the award-winning team of project coordinators whose...

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We Won a Stevie Award!


We went to Las Vegas last Friday – and came away with a big win! received a Bronze Stevie Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year at the annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service!


Craig Hauer, Sam Jorgensen, Ryan Phelan and I collected our award at a gala...

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Greetings From!


It's official! We have changed our brand name from United Printing and Mailing to

The decision to sunset the United name took much thought and often lively discussion. But it feels right because we know it's time to embrace change and make a new mark in the direct mail industry.

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Mailing to Generation Z: What You Need to Know

Remember when marketing to millennials was the next great thing that direct mailers and printers had to focus on? Well, that is so 2017. Sure, that age group should certainly be part of your planning today, but you really need to think hard about appealing to Generation Z too.

So … who is Gen Z...

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Direct Mail & USPS (Where Do I Begin?)


Direct mail can be hard. 

Compared to digital channels, there are so many more and different moving parts, like data, ink, paper, postage … where do you even start? Especially if your company or brand hasn’t done direct mail before, or at least in a long time.

Figuring out a strategy is a good...

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Simple Guidelines for USPS Mailings (That Aren't Postcards)


The envelope is classic direct mail, but how sure are you that you’re planning to mail the right one for your campaign?

Not all envelopes are created equal. In fact, in the eyes of the U.S. Postal Service, it’s not that important if your mail piece is technically considered an envelope or a...

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5 Steps to Budgeting Your Direct Mail with USPS


What one factor holds you back from investing in direct mail?

Well, if you’re like some marketers, maybe you’d say that “high costs” from the U.S. Postal Service are a big barrier to your use of mail.

But is that accurate? Is it really too expensive? And even if you already create direct mail...

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How to Optimize Your USPS Mail Delivery Time

So you’re thinking of using direct mail, either by itself or as part of a multichannel campaign. Great!

But … you have some concerns. How fast can I get a campaign in the mail? What if our mail is time-sensitive?

If worries about deliverability are holding you back … don’t give up.

Here’s how...

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Simple Guidelines for USPS Postcard Rate & Size


Postcards are great examples of direct mail that work well when done well. Compared to other options, they’re usually

inexpensive to produce, and they allow you to quickly get your message across.

But is that single-sheet mail piece you’re so set on using for your next campaign really a...

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