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How to Optimize Your USPS Mail Delivery Time

So you’re thinking of using direct mail, either by itself or as part of a multichannel campaign. Great!

But … you have some concerns. How fast can I get a campaign in the mail? What if our mail is time-sensitive?

If worries about deliverability are holding you back … don’t give up.

Here’s how...

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Simple Guidelines for USPS Postcard Rate & Size


Postcards are great examples of direct mail that work well when done well. Compared to other options, they’re usually

inexpensive to produce, and they allow you to quickly get your message across.

But is that single-sheet mail piece you’re so set on using for your next campaign really a...

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Quick Guide: USPS Mail Class


Your direct mail campaign can fall into one of several classes of mail used by the USPS, each with its own features and requirements. So which one should you use? Well, it mostly depends on the content of your mailing and its postage.

What follows is a quick breakdown of what each one is about –...

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Political Mail: How To Have a (Realistic) Plan


If you’re thinking about using direct mail in your political campaign, you’re going to need a plan, and then put it into practice. 

Don’t worry about your budget or your USPS deadlines – not right now, anyway. They won’t matter if you don’t get everything else right. Read on for some tips on...

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Political Data: How Accurate is your Mailing List?

Data has been a critical element in political direct mail for decades. Long before Cambridge Analytica generated controversy thanks to how it created voter profiles, campaigns and political parties relied on lists to reach voters as an

election neared.

It has helped political campaigns to...

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The Mailing Side of Direct Mail (Format, Print, Postage)


Successful direct mail delivers the most relevant message to the right audience using copy, images, paper, ink, and finishes. But figuring out which combination of elements works best is not easy. For one thing, there’s an amazing variety of possibilities to test.

Let’s assume you’re confident...

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3 Smart Ways to Maximize Your Political Direct Mail Timing

“Timing is everything,” the saying goes. And while it can be an important factor in some direct mail campaigns, it’s a crucial one in political direct mail.

Although parties and potential candidates are always fundraising with mail, that’s an activity directed at core supporters....

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Direct Mail Data: The Simple & Transparent Truth


Success in direct marketing, the late marketing expert Ed Mayer said, “is 40 percent lists, 40 percent offers, and 20 percent everything else.” Although originally formulated back in the 1960s, there’s no reason to think that this ratio is any different today. In fact, data – the list – is the...

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Political Mailers and Voter Outreach in 2018


2018 is an election year, which means that the major parties and candidates will be spending the next 6 months promoting themselves and attacking their opponents through many communications channels, including direct mail.

Considering the public concern and anger over fake news, hacking, and...

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Why Strong Direct Mail Data is Vital to Your Success

Data is central to everything in direct marketing. Because of the rise of its importance to the industry, a few years ago the DMA changed its name to the Data and Marketing Association. This made sense.

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