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3 Tips for a Strong Political Direct Mail Campaign



Managing a political direct mail campaign for various clients can be challenging as each client has requirements, specifications, and project timelines. 

An experienced direct mail company can tell you that the top three elements of managing a successful  for a political direct mail campaign include, 1) a quick turnaround time, 2) working within a client’s budget, and 3) acquiring the appropriate permits.

Read on to learn more about these three points, and how keeping these in mind while managing your campaign.

1. Quick turnaround times

A quick turnaround time in managing a political campaign for any client is important.  Political clients are most concerned with having their postcards and other print advertising and copy in hand by a certain date.

Regardless of the type of event or the particular client’s needs, turnaround time is one of the most important factors in a campaign to consider. This is because graphics, slogans, and destinations can change, and clients want to ensure that their advertising campaign fits their audience accurately and appropriately.

One important note to consider is USPS verification. By verifying an address with the USPS, direct mail campaign managers can speed up the mailing process significantly.

Visit this site here to learn more about USPS verification and election mail resources.

2. Budget

In addition to maintaining quick turnaround times, every client wants to remain within their budgets. When talking about political direct mail campaigns specifically, political clients rely on funds from various sources that are all a part of their campaign. Therefore, it’s one of their top goals to manage a direct mail campaign that is within their budget.

An experienced direct mail company will help to ensure that the project is done in house and within budget. Direct mail services should include printing as well as the mail process. Although many businesses, including direct mail companies will outsource many of their workflows to save money, keeping the process in house is what can help direct mail companies save money and also mitigate risk.

Consider an example: A direct mail vendor that uses a machine to convert envelopes can help to save money and result in faster turnaround times, which is another crucial area of the direct mail process that also helps to save money.

3. Permits

One important piece of the direct mail process for political clients to keep in mind is that every print and direct mail project has a different permit number assigned by the USPS. These permit numbers change each year on national, regional, and state levels. A direct mail company should be privy to this information as well as be on the lookout for any other mailing requirements in specific mailing destinations.

It can be difficult to find information on the Web regarding mailing permits and requirements. Visit this site here to learn more about permits.

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