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4 Ways to Super Charge Your Direct Mail Advertising Program

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Direct mail campaigns are one of the longest standing marketing traditions among advertising and marketing managers. From postcards to letters and giveaways, direct mail has successfully been implemented in efforts to cultivate new leads for many types of businesses, from real estate to restaurants.

However, not all direct mail campaigns are executed correctly, which can garner disappointing results. If you would like to increase your success rate and boost your return on investment on your next direct mail campaign, follow these 4 simple steps.

4 ways to super charge your direct mail advertising program:


1. Nail The Design

One common mistake that is often made by in-house marketers is that they attempt to save money by doing the design of their direct mail themselves. While this is likely fine for those with a graphic design experience, it is not recommended for those that do not. If you do not have design experience, it is highly suggested that you invest in hiring a graphic designer to ensure that the imaging and layout will appeal to your prospects in a state of the art way.


2. Review Previous Results

Before you decide on your design or the demographics that you wish to target for your next direct mail campaign, you should be scrutinizing your previous campaigns' results. This will not only help you to save money on wasted postage, it will help you to better understand who your brand appeals to and how to best garner attention from those prospects. 


3. Offer Value

One of the best ways to grab the attention of the prospects you are mailing, is to offer some type of value to them in your campaign. Whether it be through a free comparative market analysis for real estate prospects or coupons for a free oil change at a mechanic's garage, giveaways have proven to be one of the highest drivers of success. Just make sure that the value you are offering is enticing enough to get a direct response and that it is visible enough from the first moment they see your mail piece.


4. Concentrate On Content

Another common mistake made is that the content of the mail piece is not only formatted incorrectly, but it is unclear or too wordy. Make sure that the content of your mail piece is clear, concise, and has a visible expiration date so your audience knows how long the offer stands.


Repetition is key when it comes to direct mail, but sometime sending the same message over and over will turn your audience off. In order ot keep your audience engaged it's best to switch up the content and offer every quarter. If you need some industry tested methods or new direct mail trends to give your campaign a boost we're here to help you! Head over to our services page to get a better understanding of our core services and how they can help you improve your direct mail efforts.

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