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4 Considerations When Developing Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

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Successful direct marketing campaigns practice careful planning when implementing direct mail in their strategy. The following list is composed of questions you must ask yourself before even considering launching your next direct mail campaign.

Use these 4 real life direct mail marketing strategy tips to enhance your campaign: 


1. Will Your Budget Be Able to Sustain a Great Direct Mail Campaign? 

In order to stay within your direct mail marketing budget, make sure you’re focusing on your primary target audience and previous customers. Sending these two types of audiences a highly personalized offer will be a great option for staying within your budget. If your campaign is not laser focused you can get distracted with trying to mail to a large audience with minimal quality targets. Rather than targeting your primary audience with a unique offer that stands out to them, and makes them take action. 
Hint: When negotiating the budget with your direct mail provider, ask if they can cut your costs by printing in the static portions of your campaign in bulk. That way the next time you mail you do not have to pay for setup fees. You may also want to ask about fees for last minute art, copy, or list changes. 

 2. How Will You Combine Your Direct Mail Campaign With Digital Marketing? 

The more strategic you get with weaving together multiple channels of marketing, the more engaged your audience will be with your brand. For example, if you use variable data in your direct mail marketing strategy you can deliver more relevant offers and information to your audience, making the entire marketing experience more personal. If you’re still not sold on the power of variable data, DMN3 showed that a staggering 70% of Americans say snail mail if more personal than the Internet. 

Hint: A well-placed hashtag or a meaningful web ad can invigorate customer engagement. Don't reduce your chances of having a successful marketing campaign by relying on one medium

Bonus: If you need a refresh on your direct mail planning, head over to simple but powerful direct mail planning starters.

3. How Can You Time Your Direct Mail Campaign Better?

What times are your customers most likely to check their mail? What times are they most likely to actually engage with it? If your direct mail prompts readers to interact with another platform, like websites, emails or social media, consider timing your piece to land at times when your audience is likely to be available to follow-through with your intended response. 

Hint: If your content is geared toward a specific time of year or holiday, releasing your direct mail using a rigorously researched schedule will raise the odds of your message connecting with your ideal prospects. 

4. Who Is Your Target — Seriously, What Is Their Name?

Finding each individual name may be an exaggeration, but the right idea is to refine as much data as possible on the characteristics of your ideal client. The process of securing paying customers through any marketing channel relies entirely on cultivating a trustworthy buying environment. Keep in mind the customer must feel entirely comfortable with exchanging their hard-earned cash for your product.


Hint: Ask yourself, would you pass over money to this company if you saw this mail piece or ad? Does it look like spam? Does it appeal to MY audience and make them feel comfortable?
Do you want to see how you can take your direct mail program to the next level? But feel stuck in a "direct mail comfort zone." You're not alone! Companies with wildly successful direct mail campaigns are wondering how they can make it even better for their audience. Chooing the right direct mail vandor can have a lot to do with your direct mail campaigns success. When you find a reliable and experienced vendor, you've hit the jackpot! Because then you can rely on their experience and knowledge to get your campaign to the next level. Check out our guide below to help you choose an additional vendor or a new vendor for your company!


 Guide: How to Select a Direct Mail Partner

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