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What Does a Full Service Direct Mail Company Look Like?


An outstanding direct mail company can handle all of your printing and mailing needs efficiently in-house. Its staff members will work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, and they'll make sure your mail piece is on-time and durable for the mail mail company

Let's take a closer look at what this process involves.

1. Picking the Right Partner

The first few times you contact a company, you can get a sense of how effective they'll be at assisting you. Can you reach service representatives quickly and easily? Do they urgently want to answer your questions or help you solve a problem? Are they respectful?

You'll want a company that's able and eager to aid you in your direct mail journey, starting with the proofing of your direct mail piece.

2. In-House Printing and Mailing Capabilities

Your direct mail company will also need the expertise, the advanced equipment and the capacity to handle your projects. Especially if you're mailing a large quantity mail campaign, you'll need specialists who can offer you the best service and the fastest turnaround times possible.

3. Fast and Accurate Data Processing

Does your mailing company offer de-duping, NCOA, and Cass Certification as a data management standard? After all, if your mailings go to the wrong place, they'll probably get thrown away, and you don't want to mail to people who've passed away. Also, if you're mailing packages to consumers, you might accidentally send something to someone who's signed up for the government's Do Not Mail list.

Simply put, if your direct mail company cares enough to standarize great data management, you'll save money and get more responses.

4. Postal Verification

It's great to work with a direct mail company that provides on-site U.S. Postal Service verification. You'll love having peace of mind that your direct mail campaign is fully verified before getting to the USPS facility. So you always know your mail piece will meet every USPS standard and regulation. 

5. Excellent Customer Service Throughout

Finally, your direct mail company should give you friendly service at all times and not merely when you first contact them. Human beings, not software programs, should always answer the phones. Above all, optimal results ought to be guaranteed. Your deadlines must be met, and you should be satisfied in every way.

Whether you have a bulk mailing or a single piece to send, you might worry a little about the outcome. Will it look right? Will it reach its destination on time? But, when you rely on true professionals, you can experience the confidence that comes with knowing your documents are in skilled hands.


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