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Getting Results with Postcard Marketing

postcard marketingPostcard marketing campaigns are a great way to get noticed for less money. Looking for ways to cut your costs even more without sacrificing quality? Take to these five industry secrets from the pros below:

Secret #1: Order your Postcards in Bulk.

It’s tempting to go for postcard packages that have the cheapest price tag, but you run the risk of undershooting your mailing to audiences. Instead, save money in the long run and buy in bulk. The larger the package you buy, the lower the price per postcard.

Secret #2: Think about the Postcard Size.

As a general rule of thumb, bigger postcards attract greater attention from customers. But is bigger always better? It’s different for each postcard marketing campaign. If giant postcards aren’t a priority for you, opt for smaller standard shaped ones instead. Plus, smaller postcards are printed and mailed faster than larger ones.

Secret #3: Choose Printing Materials Wisely.

To further cut costs, choose basic printing packages over fancier ones. A sturdy postcard with a simple U/V coating does the job right without breaking the bank, and recyclable paper postcards might be a better bargain and will make eco-conscious consumers happy,

Secret #4: Make every Mailing Count.

Every detail counts when you’re on a tight postcard marketing budget. Make the most of it by planning designs for both sides of the postcard and give your postcard space its greatest potential by placing key content in specific areas.

Secret #5: Consult an Experienced In-House Facility.

Not sure which direction to go? With 50 years of experience, our team at United Printing and Mailing is here to guide and support your postcard marketing campaign, as well as other direct marketing services. Ask us about how we can save you money and get you the results you're looking for!

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