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Are Your Print and Mail Services Up to Speed?


As a direct marketing manager or marketing director at a large business or corporate company, a major component of your success — and by extension, that of your company — is dependent on your direct mail marketing efficiency and quality.  Your marketing campaign — fairly or not — is a...
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What Does a Full Service Direct Mail Company Look Like?


An outstanding direct mail company can handle all of your printing and mailing needs efficiently in-house. Its staff members will work to fulfill your order as quickly as possible, and they'll make sure your mail piece is on-time and durable for the mail stream.

Let's take a closer look at...

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Are You Taking Advantage of Variable Data Printing?


Variable data printing (VDP) allows for marketers to create custom direct mail pieces at a similar speed to large run litho printing. That way, you can start your direct mail piece off on a personal note and gain engagement from your audience. 

Discover what exactly is VDP and how your...

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4 Straight Forward Tips to Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is back and more popular than ever. This means your company should be planning new and fresh ideas on how to make your direct mail advertising truly stick out in the mailbox. Here are four tips will get your next campaign ready for your specific audience.

1. Determine...

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7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Using B2B Direct Mail

B2B direct mail can be an essential part of your marketing mix if created correctly. 

There are many  key components to keep in mind while designing and planning out your campaign.  This list will keep  you in top shape when you're ready send out your next project. 

Here are 7 factors to keep...

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Direct Mail Marketing Strategy: Use a Story


When you are creating a direct mail marketing strategy in your marketing mix, you have a chance to tell a story. The story might be a reflection of your brand or of a certain product or service you offer. Whatever your story is, direct mail can help you tell it in a personable and engaging way...

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5 Things to Ask When Looking for Print and Mail Services

Sending out a direct mail piece may seem like a simple matter of printing the piece, stuffing it in an envelope and then dropping it off at the post office. It is not always so easy, however, as there are innumerable details that must be attended to. This post points out some of the nitty gritty...

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6 Postcard Printing and Mailing Tips

Postcards are one of the most effective ways to get your direct mail campaign message out to

your target audience. Why postcards, you ask? Aren’t they so last year? Nope! Many marketing campaigns are only using the digital mediums these days. They are sending out email after email and pouring...

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8 Direct Mail Services Tips for Marketing Agencies

Even though the way we communicate and do business is mostly online, direct mail still continues to be one of the most profitable marketing methods available. That's why we've developed this 8 point list of direct mail services for marketing agencies, so managing your clients campaigns is a bit...

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6 Traits of Top Direct Mail Companies

The most successful direct mail companies share a desire to excel in their field. But, as they would be quick to point out, desire is simply not enough. Instead, the top direct mail companies embrace a more practical view of their industry and strive to provide the very best service in a range...

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