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New requirements for bulk self-mailers

The old adage proclaims that the only constant is change, and that is definitely true for postal requirements. On the heels of the recent postal rate increase, the USPS has also announced changes to their bulk self-mailing requirements—this includes changes to self-mailer formats and tabbing...

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Be ready, USPS Postage Rates are going to Increase In Jan. 2013.

This past fall, you probably heard the announcement of an upcoming change in postage rates in 2013. Well the time is nearly upon us, as these new rates will go into effect on January 27, 2013.

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Data and List Prep Tips

The key to a successful direct mail data file is planning and preparation.

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New USPS Tabbing requirements for Direct Mail

United Printing and Mailing strives to help keep our customers and those interested in the Direct Mail industry up to date on changes that are relevant and informative. The USPS has issued new regulations regarding Folded Self Mailers (FSM - bifolds, trifolds etc) that require the use of more...

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Announcing United Printing and Mailing's new domain and more!

New online presence

We are happy to announce our new primary domain, plus all of the new locations that you can visit United Printing & Mailing on the web. We are very excited to have acquired the powerful domain, and after a few months of development, our new website,...

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Why you should provide CMYK files for print

We’ve seen it dozens of times. Clients who supply RGB artwork often find that the color on their finished piece has shifted. The fact is that all full-color print files should be created and supplied to your printer in CMYK. There are cut-and-dry reasons for this. Lets take a minute and try to...

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Marketing in a down economy provides an opportunity to come out on top

Studies show that those who advertise in a recession are more likely to increase sales in the future. In fact, marketing in a recession could be one of the best ways to grow your business long-term. When a recession hits, every business’ knee-jerk reaction is to cut their spending—and they...

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What is the difference in delivery times between postage rates

Choosing between postage classes can be a confusing thing. Just how speedy is First Class mail in comparison to Standard Mail? Lets sort out the facts. First-Class mail is usually delivered within 1-3 days when mailed locally from the post office your mail was sent from, or 1-5 days nationally....

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Great marketing is never done

So many businesses only give their marketing serious thought when times are tough. This thinking is not sound because marketing takes time to take effect, and if you wait until you need instant results you will have waited too long. In order to grow a strong organization, you must create an...

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Nonprofit Tip: The value of a single story

As an organization, its easy to get carried away selling the good of an organization as a whole. However, studies show that donors have a more favorable reaction when the goals of an organization are expressed using a single story. It seems a donor can step into the shoes of one person much...

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