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Why your customers want you to use direct mail

Making the sale, writing the press release, arriving on time for your two o’clock client meeting, getting your invoicing done or making just one more call before quitting time—these are the things that make up our day. Then, just as we’ve been able to leave the office, we are greeted with a...

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USPS postage rates are set to increase in May

Its official, the USPS just announced a rate change on postage that becomes effective on May 11, 2009. The biggest change is that the price of a 1-ounce, First-Class stamp will increase from 42¢ to 44¢, and other USPS mailing service prices will increase as well. So what does this mean to the...

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Why high-resolution images are important

Have you ever asked your designer to pull a logo or image from your or one of your affiliates’ websites, only to receive a blank stare? This is because your designer understands that the use of web images is not a good practice, and it will very well degrade the overall professionalism of your...

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Use letter mailers to instill trust in your offer

Instilling trust in your sales pitch is key to a successful direct mail campaign. But how can you create your campaign to enable this trust from your customer? A sales letter mailer is a great way to start. Letter mailers are one of the most time-tested, tried-and-true direct mail marketing...

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It doesn't matter if you like your mail piece

When setting up your mail campaign, many things are taken into account: mail list, mail piece format, mail date and most importantly, target audience. Direct mail is all about response. And response is all about your target audience. Many campaign managers get hung up on their opinions toward...

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Putting the puzzle together | direct mail design

Believe it or not, direct mail design is much less about creativity and much more about the architecture of information. For this reason, we compare it to putting together a puzzle. Whether you design your mail piece yourself, or contract it out to a third-party designer, it is in your best...

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Emotions act first

Everyone knows the central goal of all advertising efforts is to persuade the prospect to act on your appeal to them and buy into your product, service or cause. Persuasion seems as if it should be simple, right? Simply explain the benefits of your product and your prospect should want to...

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Mail Piece | Think like your customer

Have you ever received a mail piece that just seemed to make no sense to you? Did the piece advertise odd features of a product, or was it hard to read? You can learn a lesson from these mailers and when its your turn to create your mail piece, make sure to create it from your customer’s point...

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The Mail Messenger is born.

Because the world of direct mail is constantly changing, we have decided to begin publishing this blog, entitled the Mail Messenger. The goal is to publish articles and bits of information on a regular basis that showcase the latest direct mail concepts, techniques and formats. We hope you will...

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