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Nonprofit Tip: The value of a single story

As an organization, its easy to get carried away selling the good of an organization as a whole. However, studies show that donors have a more favorable reaction when the goals of an organization are expressed using a single story. It seems a donor can step into the shoes of one person much...

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Are you harvesting the power of your existing customers?

As direct mail marketers, we often get so focused on obtaining new customers that we forget to nurture our existing customers. The fact is that existing customers are an incredibly profitable piece of your prospect base.

Why nurture your existing customers? In a nutshell, the 80/20 rule should...

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New USPS Flat Automation Changes Flat Mail Panel Requirements

The USPS recently announced that it has acquired new equipment to enable the automation of flat-rate mail. As a result, the mail panel requirements for these pieces have changed. The biggest change is that the mail panel portion of your flat-rate mail must now fall in the top half of your...

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Get creative with your mail panel in an automation-friendly way

Questions about mail panels are constantly buzzing around our office. What size should the panel be? Can it have a background color or pattern? Can the indicia be inside the mail panel or should it be outside of it? Is there any way to make the mail panel interfere less with the postcard design?

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Are you mailing to the right people?

When planning a direct mail campaign, most people arduously deliberate about copy, format, design, and mail schedule. While each of these points are very important to the overall success of the mailing, the most critical aspect of the mailing—your mailing list—is often given much less...

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Did you know? MERLIN means in-house verification of your mail?

A component of our on-site USPS office is the MERLIN barcode verification system. “MERLIN” (Mailing Evaluation Readability Lookup Instrument) refers to the piece of equipment used by the USPS to automate the process of the physical verification of mail. It verifies the readability of barcodes...

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Design a smarter letter mailer

Sales letters are one of the most common forms of direct mail. One might be tempted to think that the design and layout of a sales letter is a pretty cut-and-dry project. However, before you set your typestyle to 12-point Times New Roman and call it a day, consider these proven tactics to get...

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Why your customers want you to use direct mail

Making the sale, writing the press release, arriving on time for your two o’clock client meeting, getting your invoicing done or making just one more call before quitting time—these are the things that make up our day. Then, just as we’ve been able to leave the office, we are greeted with a...

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USPS postage rates are set to increase in May

Its official, the USPS just announced a rate change on postage that becomes effective on May 11, 2009. The biggest change is that the price of a 1-ounce, First-Class stamp will increase from 42¢ to 44¢, and other USPS mailing service prices will increase as well. So what does this mean to the...

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Why high-resolution images are important

Have you ever asked your designer to pull a logo or image from your or one of your affiliates’ websites, only to receive a blank stare? This is because your designer understands that the use of web images is not a good practice, and it will very well degrade the overall professionalism of your...

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