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6 Postcard Printing and Mailing Tips

Postcards are one of the most effective ways to get your direct mail campaign message out to

your target audience. Why postcards, you ask? Aren’t they so last year? Nope! Many marketing campaigns are only using the digital mediums these days. They are sending out email after email and pouring...

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8 Direct Mail Services Tips for Marketing Agencies

Even though the way we communicate and do business is mostly online, direct mail still continues to be one of the most profitable marketing methods available. That's why we've developed this 8 point list of direct mail services for marketing agencies, so managing your clients campaigns is a bit...

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6 Traits of Top Direct Mail Companies

The most successful direct mail companies share a desire to excel in their field. But, as they would be quick to point out, desire is simply not enough. Instead, the top direct mail companies embrace a more practical view of their industry and strive to provide the very best service in a range...

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Direct Mailing: 6 Real Questions to Ask Yourself

A successful direct mailing campaign relies entirely on your understanding of the product, service, and the audience. While working on the product, you have better access to information from your clients. Thereafter, your success depends entirely on your understanding of the audience. 

Here are...

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3 Printing and Mailing Must-Haves for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Printing and mailing is an important component of any marketing and advertising strategy. The benefits of a well-organized direct mail campaign pay off if you plan, execute, and are consistent with sending out campaigns. But there are a lot of variables to consider when searching for the right...

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4 Questions To Ask When Finding Direct Mail Solutions for Your Company

Every business is constantly looking for ways to increase market share, engage new buyers and re-engage lost customers. In an effort to achieve these goals and improve your marketing, you need the right direct mail partner. Your partner must have experience in the business, and be willing to...

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6 Checklist Items When Looking For Direct Mail Services


Finding the best direct mail services can sometimes be a daunting task especially when other business matters are pressing. By retaining and utilizing the services of a direct mail agency, your company can have the best of both worlds. The agency will handle your direct mail needs while your...

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Direct Mail Postcards for Your Target Audience


Direct mail postcards are one of the most powerful marketing tactics for converting new clients for your business. However, not all direct mail postcards are created equally. Some campaigns are considerably more successful than others. Have you ever wondered why? One of the main reasons is...

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Secrets of the Best Direct Mailing Companies

The best direct mailing companies believe in going the extra mile; they approach each marketing campaign with passion and commit to the success of your project. They continuously work with you, asking all the hard questions and sharing ideas to increase audience engagement and response rates....

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Ultimate Guide: USPS Tabbing Regulations


A folded self mailer has many components and can be tricky to keep up to date with the USPS's regulations. This guide will break down all the specifics for tabbing requirements to help you better understand what is acceptable for the mailstream.

Let's get started!

A self-mailer is created...

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