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Direct Mail Pricing: Always Be Honest and Fair

Marketing is a challenging industry. It is fast-paced, highly competitive, and it can even be expensive. With a lot of pressure on digital marketing campaigns, a large focus on “big data” and “fast data”, and an immense pressure to stay “current”, traditional marketers are often...
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Top 6 Real Direct Mail Budget Tips



A wise home builder will give an apprentice builder the advice "measure twice, cut once." While this may seem like it has nothing to do with marketing, the advice is more applicable to marketing managers than one might think. An experienced marketing manager, especially one that specializes...

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3 Tips to Meet Your Direct Mail Drop Date




We get it. Mail drop dates are CRUCIAL. They are the “make or break” for any campaign. Additionally, missing a drop date can be detrimental to a campaign that has time sensitive offers on it. 

This simple guide will break down the behind the scenes of the direct mail drop date process and...

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3 Quick Tips for Managing Direct Mail Deadlines


As a busy marketer you understand how important it is to manage mail deadlines. A missed deadline can derail a full advertising campaign, resulting in a poor ROAS and weakening your credibility at your employer. Having tools and techniques in place to accurately plan a campaign deadline calendar...

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3 Reasons Why Every Large Direct Mailer Needs Additional Vendors

 When you're sending hundreds of thousands of pieces of direct mail every month, projects are planned down to the smallest detail. You don't want to reinvent the wheel every time you create a project. But relying on the same vendor for all your direct mail solutions is not always the best way to...

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How to Optimize Your High Volume Direct Mail Campaigns


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Direct Mail Vendors With In-House Envelope Printing and Converting


If a big part of your direct mail campaigns involve an envelope, then you might want to consider using a supplier with in-house envelope conversion for your projects. 

A machine like the W+D 320 envelope converter has the ability to create highly customized envelopes on-demand. Along side...

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8 Keys to Powerful Direct Mail Mortgage Marketing


 Today’s mortgage customers span several generations that have very different communication preferences.

Older customers who are interested in refinancing or downsizing typically respond better to direct mail packages that include a letter and a reply card.

“In-between” mortgage clients...

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6 Necessary Requirements That All Mailing Companies Should Meet


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Direct Mailing Advertising


Recent studies reveal a fresh look at how direct mail advertising ismaking an impact in today’s world. Contrary to previous perceptions, direct mail is a vibrant medium that’s here to stay. Why is it still effective in our digital world? Here are four core reasons:

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