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4 Considerations When Developing Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy


Successful direct marketing campaigns practice careful planning when implementing direct mail in their strategy. The following list is composed of questions you must ask yourself before even considering launching your next direct mail campaign.

Use these 4 real life direct mail marketing...

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Variable Data Printing



Most direct mail companies offer variable data printing, but if yours does not, it’s time to walk away and find someone that does. 

Variable data printing allows for marketers to create custom direct mail pieces at a similar speed to large batch prints. That way, you can start your direct...

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Helpful Tips for Direct Mail Data Processing



A successful direct mail campaign leans heavily on good data. Without accurate data processing, no matter how attractive the direct mail piece is, you won't be successful. The bare minimum of data processing for all mailing projects have three components: CASS-certification, pre-sorting, and...

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3 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Data Processing Faster


Managing diret mail projects can be challenging. If you aren’t careful, they can eat up a ton of time, money, and resources, especially if you aren’t organized.

Although working with a reputable vendor can help immensely in the direct mail data process, there are also some ways to make your...

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10 Guidelines For Direct Mail Art File Setup



This will walk you through top ten guidelines for direct mail art file setup, and how to manage them accordingly to ensure you receive a quality art file to ensure the overall success of a direct mail campaign.

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3 Tips for a Strong Political Direct Mail Campaign


Managing a political direct mail campaign for various clients can be challenging as each client has requirements, specifications, and project timelines. 

An experienced direct mail company can tell you that the top three elements of managing a successful  for a political direct mail campaign...

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A 3 Step Guide to Print Production for Direct Mail


The print produciton process is crucial for any direct mail campaign because without it you wouldn't have anything to mail. However, there are a few areas in the very beginning stages of the print production process that can be easy to overlook. If overlooked they can negatively impact the...

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8 Tactics for Smart Political Mailings



People enjoy getting mail. Studies show that nearly every American checks the mailbox each day, and most of those people are a bit disappointed if there isn't anything in the mailbox. Receiving physical mail is an experience people look forward to, unlike having their Smartphone ding at them...

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Direct Mail Pricing: Always Be Honest and Fair

Marketing is a challenging industry. It is fast-paced, highly competitive, and it can even be expensive. With a lot of pressure on digital marketing campaigns, a large focus on “big data” and “fast data”, and an immense pressure to stay “current”, traditional marketers are often...
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Top 6 Real Direct Mail Budget Tips



A wise home builder will give an apprentice builder the advice "measure twice, cut once." While this may seem like it has nothing to do with marketing, the advice is more applicable to marketing managers than one might think. An experienced marketing manager, especially one that specializes...

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