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Use letter mailers to instill trust in your offer


Instilling trust in your sales pitch is key to a successful direct mail campaign. But how can you create your campaign to enable this trust from your customer? A sales letter mailer is a great way to start. Letter mailers are one of the most time-tested, tried-and-true direct mail marketing formats available to you.

So why exactly are letter mailers such a great, trust-instilling medium? For starters, letter mailers feel more personal. They also allow for higher quality communication to your prospect and offer the ability to build credibility. Lets examine those qualities a bit more:

Letter mailers feel personal
The letter medium began as a personal form of correspondence and the format still triggers a reaction that just feels more personal. In comparison with other direct mail formats, it seems we are hard-wired to view a letter as a more legitimate form of mail. There is something about opening an envelope that is more private, and therefore personal. Additionally, letter mailers often use live stamps as opposed to an impersonal indicia, signatures and post-script notes to help project a more personal look.

Letters allow for increased communication
The written structure of letter-writing intrinsically lends itself to creating a dialog with your prospect, and it leads your reader through your message more naturally than other forms of direct mail. And since the entire process is more natural, odds are your prospect will absorb more of your message. Plus, the physical format of a letter offers more room for your message than many other direct mail mediums.

Letters help build credibility
Since letter mailers offer the ability to present a great deal of information about your product, service or organization, they also give you more chances to build the credibility of your organization and its offerings. A letter gives you room to provide in-depth information about your product and organization and offer up the statistics, testimonials and facts necessary to walk your prospect through more of the sales process and build their confidence.

Whether you are new to direct mail or a veteran of the medium, a well-written sales letter can prove to be a great option for presenting information in a personal and credible manner.

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